Village Physical Therapy
Deanna Irwin-Sires, MPT, OCS

5417 Ivanhoe Place NE, Seattle, WA 98105

Phone: (206) 498-8496 Fax: (206) 527-6501


Welcome to Village Physical Therapy Seattle, where you will find skilled, compassionate care to help you achieve your physical goals.

Village Physical Therapy provides one-on-one, 50-60 minute sessions where you will work with the same experienced physical therapist for you entire course of treatment.  Whether your injury is a result of an acute or traumatic accident, sports injury, pain during or after pregnancy, or have long standing over use issues, Deanna will help you learn about and treat your injury.

Village Physical Therapy is located in Northeast Seattle, off of Sand Point Way and 50th Ave NE, with free, easy parking.  Appointment management is hassle free, flexible and quick. Everyone's time is valuable, your appointments will start and finish on schedule.